Christos Tsanikidis is a PhD candidate at Columbia University in the city of New York. He completed his Master’s at Columbia University. Before that he completed his Bachelor’s in Electrical and Computer Engineering at NTUA, majoring in Computer Science.

Christos is currently researching scheduling problems in Networks, focusing on deriving novel online algorithms with performance guarantees. During his PhD he completed an internship at Microsoft, working on the optimization of Large Language Models (LLMs), in the Turing team, under Bing.

Broadly, Christos is interested in addressing important problems through Algorithms, Probability, Optimization, Machine Learning and Mathematics.

Feel free to reach out: $c . t s a n i k i d i s @ \text{c} \text{o} l u m b i a. e d u$, or $c t s a n i k i d i s \text{@} \text{g} m a i l \text{.} c o m$